You’re an Asian Man in tech, so you should have nothing to worry about…

AUTHOR’S NOTE as of early 2021:



First, a flashback

2 Cases and 1 Bonus

Feedback after Rejection

A case of mistaken identity


In Closing

Another flashback

Believing/Perceiving/Thinking someone is more than they actually are based on characteristics/qualities/traits that they were born with and cannot & should-not-be-able-to control is just as bad as thinking they are less than they actually are. Both are prohibitive. Both are inhibitive. Both are discriminative.

Asians have long been seen as an “invisible minority”, but no more — these shows represent/reflect that and this article will reflect these changing times.

Toronto-based Digital Product Designer Who puts the “passion” in “compassion” I’m currently doing human factors work within the blockchain & fintech worlds.

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